Mummart’s and Boggart’s / Nocheez Orchestra

Mummarts And Boggarts / Nocheez Orchestra


  1. Ain’t Good Enough
  2. The Steady Part One
  3. Burger Meister Meister Burger
  4. Mummarts and Boggarts
  5. The Steady Part Two
  6. Bending Back Forward
  7. Is There A Hell?
  8. Livin’ Large
  9. The Steady Part Three
  10. Like “The Man”
  11. What’s a Nice girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?
  12. The Steady Part Four
  13. Round World

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Musings in Three Movements / Nocheez Orchestra (CD)

Musings in three Movements / Nocheez Orchestra (CD)


Disc One

  1. Mr. Cleam Genes
  2. Bygones
  3. Water Colors
  4. Speaking in Dumb
  5. Plea
  6. Then There Was Consciousness
  7. Maggots and Cotton Candy Clouds
  8. Planned Obsolescence
  9. State of Emergency
  10. Reflections
  11. Tall Order
  12. Say

Disc Two (The Conversationalist’s…)

  1. Ism’s and Propaganda
  2. Work Structure and Movements
  3. Lynching Occupy
  4. Needs?
  5. Technology and Creativity
  6. Trickle Down
  7. Innate or?
  8. Who are we?

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Kapearnicks Protest Simplified

Some folks continually attempt to make Colin Kapearnick’s protest about veterans, the anthem, and the flag, when in fact the protest is all about our country not living up to the standard of what the anthem and flag supposedly represent. (which I find to be pure B.S, anyway.)

If you can’t live up to the standards, then the song or the piece of cloth is worthless. You might ask why do I think what the flag and anthem supposedly represents is B.S.? Well, it has little to do with our actions. All I see is social and structural racism, sexism, classism, increasing poverty, imperialism, and a history laced with massive crimes, many ignored, and many of which continue.

It’s more important to speak out against the aforementioned crimes, so stop trying to cloak yourself in a flag and a song and hide from truth. Faux patriotism and nationalism are pretty disgusting things…

It’s Just Business – Or is it?

Businesses need to succumb to organized labor globally. We should all be in solidarity with labor everywhere and ensure everyone get’s paid the same wages per the job. Of course this is a massive task because the elite wealthy don’t want that. They constantly look to diminish labors worth and pit economies against each other in a race to the bottom.

A possible option would be to replace the capitalist business model, that being division of owners and labor, to the cooperative business model where that division is erased. Basically an anarchist method of organizing.

But even with that, we need to eventually rid the markets completely because all they are is an incentive to do bad things for profits. Capitalism aims to create the cheapest product by the cheapest labor. It’s fictional that we get the best products, we instead get the worst possible. If we made products that met the standards of technology, that met the possibilities of technology, and focused on increasing the life, recycling and upgrade-ability, well the entire market place would collapse.

That gives you an insight into how wrong this system is.

A Simple But Important Message

I think we as developing, thinking beings, have to find happiness in the struggle to make positive change. Those who deny all the facts, the ills, or forms of oppression they do not yet feel (the old saying what you don’t know won’t hurt you), may not be as happy as you might think. They will, and are indeed feeling the negative effects of this world that is controlled by a tiny minority of oligarchs and demagogues who ignore ethics and the plight of others.
The owners of the world fool many of the masses (who in fact take the brunt of their destructiveness), into acting the same as they do, the way of the sociopath. Because so many do not understand the reasons why there are so many ills, they can’t see a way out of their pain, and instead look for answers from the very demagogues that continue oppressing them and multi-millions of folks.
Meet, search for people who are in solidarity with beauty and changing the world, they do exist. Call them your friends.

The War on Political Correctness, what is it exactly?

As of late, it seems Donald Trump’s rhetoric, which has been magnified by the media, has emboldened hoards of folks to fight a war against so called “political correctness”.  We hear comments from many folks that Trump is honest, speaks his mind, doesn’t worry if what he is saying is politically correct or not.  Many folks make statements like “We’ve lost our cojones,” etc, etc…  Apparently Trump has found our “cojones” and given them back to us.

Besides the fact that Trump has been proven dishonest with his plethora of misinformation, there looms a larger problem.  This mass of folks and their newly found voice feel free to spew hateful, racist, prejudice, fear mongering, pro violence rhetoric as if it’s some sort of wonderful, acceptable thing.  All this hate speech has no standing in fact or any reality. It’s all reactionary thinking based on emotion and fear.  It’s the type of rhetoric spread by demagogues that set up a very dangerous social and political climate.

Now on the other hand, many folks like myself have truly spoken out against political correctness by presenting evidence based on historical and scientific fact which does not coincide with the establishments line of thinking.  When it’s stated that the US backs coups, supports dictators, ravages countries, steals resources and kills more people around the globe than any terrorist organization could ever dream of, well no one wants to hear that type of “political incorrectness” even though it’s based in fact. Most don’t want to hear all the massive ills caused by capitalism and the wealthy corporate owners and shareholders leading us down this horrifying path, and giving us the realization that our system of operation is possibly on it’s death bed. Most don’t want to hear that if we continue living with these systemic values we could end our species and put all life on the planet in peril. In fact it has already begun.

I personally would love if people did not spew hatred, violence and ignorance, it would mean we are progressing as a species.  Unfortunately those angry voices are the loudest, the ones that get the most media attention because ratings equal dollars. If on the other hand, you take part in the type of anti-political correctness I mentioned that is based on facts, well you could get yourself fired from your job, or maybe get detention at school, or even a physical beat down from the reactionary mobs.

Guess what, sometimes being politically correct means you are being cordial, nice and god forbid open to the idea we should all try to get along, that we are one.   If you want to be politically incorrect, why not do it in a fashion that isn’t destructive?  A position that has insight and could lead us down positive paths?  Why not have a real cause behind your words instead of empty vitriolic rants that cause more problems and actually work against the very people spewing this hateful rhetoric?

If you really want to get your “cojones” back, stand up against the status quo, against the establishment, the plutocrats and oligarchs that are the oppressors that have been proven liars time and time again. Now that truly takes a “big set”.

Thoughts on the Syrian refugee crisis

I am wondering if Americans will ever try and live up to the principles they espouse? Right now there is a massive humanitarian crisis with Syrian refugees and we have people calling to stop refugees from coming to the US. When you look at the fact that only one refugee is thought to be part of the Paris attacks, most others French nationals (will we stop all French people from coming here also?), we see that the ratio of terrorist to refugee is minuscule and that we are really lacking any sort of courage that many like to brag about.

I am also wondering if we will ever take responsibility for the way the establishment uses our tax dollars?  Those very dollars were used to murder a million people in Iraq in the largest war crime of this new century. That war demolished the Iraqi infrastructure leading to all sorts of suffering which then led to radicalization that eventually resulted in the forming of ISIS and other radical groups. And folks this has not been the first time, it’s a repetitive cycle which includes the creation of Al Qaeda, the funding of the Taliban and on and on. Imperialism has it’s costs and is not an aim that a country that speaks of democracy, liberty and human rights should take part in.

I suggest we live up to those claims, protecting human rights and helping the suffering because folks, the reality is we rarely do. Those are fictions the establishment pumps in your head, but when you look at the reality, the history, as far as our establishment, it isn’t so.

Good things have been done by wonderful folks in our population and it will take that mind set for all of us to force the hand of the establishment and act accordingly. So instead of all this hate and fear, maybe we should try love, community and cooperation. It isn’t easy, and there is always a risk, but that risk is outweighed by the opportunity to save hoards of lives along with elevating the human species so we may one day attain a much higher standard of human life.

If we want to continue down the path of fear and hate, expect more of the same.

So You Want To Be President?

I figured I’d start off this new blog with one I wrote a few years back that I think still holds true.  It’s a tad visceral to boot!
I just finished watching a documentary on the Kennedy family. Historically we are constantly reminded of the greatness of JFK and clan, or his famous quote’s that supposedly represent what America stands for. Why don’t institutions bombard us with Kennedy quote’s like, “They can’t touch me now, and when I’m dead who cares?” The documentary went right from Joe Kennedy on up. Upon examination we see a family focused on attaining power by any means necessary. A family willing to cover up wrong doings to move up in status. A family basically like all other families looking to dominate politics or any establishments of power. They insert themselves into the corrupt machine and do what is expected no matter how immoral it may be.

What any logical person attains from this is that the true motives of the aforementioned have nearly zero to do with helping a population in need, but all to do with helping themselves. We as Americans have this strange fixation with “respecting” the Presidency. Respecting establishment leaders because of their position, not their actions. We forget politicians are just servants, no more, and should be there only to benefit us until their time served is up. If we look at it democratically they should do what we ask and then return to public life and “we” should get credit for what these policies generate, good or bad.

Instead of schools, media etc; raising up these corrupt fools I think we need an alternative history. One like Howard Zinns “A Peoples History of The United states.” A history that doesn’t set aside the people who truly fought for the good things this country has attained like human rights and our population getting a larger slice of the pie. People often look at moments in history such as the “New Deal” and hand credit to the establishment instead of activists who pushed for the New Deal and who are for the most part forgotten. In reality our establishment did everything it could to oppose such changes including using violence and murder. Why aren’t we speaking about that? Because the establishment doesn’t want you to realize if you get in the game you can change things. It doesn’t want you to have “real” heroes like Emma Goldman who looked out for the well being of the whole population. The establishment does however want to give you false heroes, heroes under the control of the elite who work in their favor.

So I would like to see the list of people with genuine intentions in all fields, those who when confronted with corruption said NO, I will not take part in these actions and who were of course promptly kicked to the curb. Those who then responded by becoming active and trying to make positive changes for everyone! These are the people I respect, people who are truly noble. Let’s please kill the ridiculous historically inaccurate idea that there are actually good presidents, it just isn’t so.

So you’re the President, well I say Big Fucking Deal!