Music in Decline, but isn’t everything? The elephant in the room…

This was a response I wrote on a thread about the decline of music. So many addressed things that were symptoms of what I believe is truly a much larger problem.

I think we often avoid the crux of the problem, the elephant in the room. This is because it’s what we’ve been indoctrinated into and we often don’t question it. This being the capitalist market system. Our jobs are the most important institution in our lives, ruling our lives because it is for our survival. Art has no real place in this market system unless it can adhere to the bottom line. Consulting and marketing which was privatized from the original Creel Commission, the propaganda division under Woodrow Wilson, rules our lives. Most of us go to jobs where we are basically slaves. It’s just an extension of feudalism trying to be passed off as liberty. It’s not.

The bottom line takes every product and limits everything to the lowest common denominator, therefore often taking everything out that is creative. So we settle for the status quo. Now as we go along generation after generation, those outside of the status quo are continually marginalized creating a new generation of folks who are even more indoctrinated into the status quo, that lowest common denominator. I expect nothing less, in fact this is in all facets of life and the continuing “third worldification”, growing disparity and poverty is exactly what I have expected for decades. These results to me are an obvious point.

Now people scramble to find new ways to survive or make music within the confines of the system. You will never get the greatest art out of that, never. In fact that includes all fields. Right now, if markets were not the determining factor in life and we opted for science and development over growth, we wouldn’t even recognize the world we now live in. We’d have free energy, free food, and everyone would have a high living standard. People in arts etc, would be doing amazing things. This system quells that, it doesn’t increase technology, it just gives you the illusion that it does while we waste countless hours of our lives staring at a tiny screen fiddling with a new practically useless app.

We need radical change, a new paradigm.