Kapearnicks Protest Simplified

Some folks continually attempt to make Colin Kapearnick’s protest about veterans, the anthem, and the flag, when in fact the protest is all about our country not living up to the standard of what the anthem and flag supposedly represent. (which I find to be pure B.S, anyway.)

If you can’t live up to the standards, then the song or the piece of cloth is worthless. You might ask why do I think what the flag and anthem supposedly represents is B.S.? Well, it has little to do with our actions. All I see is social and structural racism, sexism, classism, increasing poverty, imperialism, and a history laced with massive crimes, many ignored, and many of which continue.

It’s more important to speak out against the aforementioned crimes, so stop trying to cloak yourself in a flag and a song and hide from truth. Faux patriotism and nationalism are pretty disgusting things…