It’s Just Business – Or is it?

Businesses need to succumb to organized labor globally. We should all be in solidarity with labor everywhere and ensure everyone get’s paid the same wages per the job. Of course this is a massive task because the elite wealthy don’t want that. They constantly look to diminish labors worth and pit economies against each other in a race to the bottom.

A possible option would be to replace the capitalist business model, that being division of owners and labor, to the cooperative business model where that division is erased. Basically an anarchist method of organizing.

But even with that, we need to eventually rid the markets completely because all they are is an incentive to do bad things for profits. Capitalism aims to create the cheapest product by the cheapest labor. It’s fictional that we get the best products, we instead get the worst possible. If we made products that met the standards of technology, that met the possibilities of technology, and focused on increasing the life, recycling and upgrade-ability, well the entire market place would collapse.

That gives you an insight into how wrong this system is.