A Simple But Important Message

I think we as developing, thinking beings, have to find happiness in the struggle to make positive change. Those who deny all the facts, the ills, or forms of oppression they do not yet feel (the old saying what you don’t know won’t hurt you), may not be as happy as you might think. They will, and are indeed feeling the negative effects of this world that is controlled by a tiny minority of oligarchs and demagogues who ignore ethics and the plight of others.
The owners of the world fool many of the masses (who in fact take the brunt of their destructiveness), into acting the same as they do, the way of the sociopath. Because so many do not understand the reasons why there are so many ills, they can’t see a way out of their pain, and instead look for answers from the very demagogues that continue oppressing them and multi-millions of folks.
Meet, search for people who are in solidarity with beauty and changing the world, they do exist. Call them your friends.