The War on Political Correctness, what is it exactly?

As of late, it seems Donald Trump’s rhetoric, which has been magnified by the media, has emboldened hoards of folks to fight a war against so called “political correctness”.  We hear comments from many folks that Trump is honest, speaks his mind, doesn’t worry if what he is saying is politically correct or not.  Many folks make statements like “We’ve lost our cojones,” etc, etc…  Apparently Trump has found our “cojones” and given them back to us.

Besides the fact that Trump has been proven dishonest with his plethora of misinformation, there looms a larger problem.  This mass of folks and their newly found voice feel free to spew hateful, racist, prejudice, fear mongering, pro violence rhetoric as if it’s some sort of wonderful, acceptable thing.  All this hate speech has no standing in fact or any reality. It’s all reactionary thinking based on emotion and fear.  It’s the type of rhetoric spread by demagogues that set up a very dangerous social and political climate.

Now on the other hand, many folks like myself have truly spoken out against political correctness by presenting evidence based on historical and scientific fact which does not coincide with the establishments line of thinking.  When it’s stated that the US backs coups, supports dictators, ravages countries, steals resources and kills more people around the globe than any terrorist organization could ever dream of, well no one wants to hear that type of “political incorrectness” even though it’s based in fact. Most don’t want to hear all the massive ills caused by capitalism and the wealthy corporate owners and shareholders leading us down this horrifying path, and giving us the realization that our system of operation is possibly on it’s death bed. Most don’t want to hear that if we continue living with these systemic values we could end our species and put all life on the planet in peril. In fact it has already begun.

I personally would love if people did not spew hatred, violence and ignorance, it would mean we are progressing as a species.  Unfortunately those angry voices are the loudest, the ones that get the most media attention because ratings equal dollars. If on the other hand, you take part in the type of anti-political correctness I mentioned that is based on facts, well you could get yourself fired from your job, or maybe get detention at school, or even a physical beat down from the reactionary mobs.

Guess what, sometimes being politically correct means you are being cordial, nice and god forbid open to the idea we should all try to get along, that we are one.   If you want to be politically incorrect, why not do it in a fashion that isn’t destructive?  A position that has insight and could lead us down positive paths?  Why not have a real cause behind your words instead of empty vitriolic rants that cause more problems and actually work against the very people spewing this hateful rhetoric?

If you really want to get your “cojones” back, stand up against the status quo, against the establishment, the plutocrats and oligarchs that are the oppressors that have been proven liars time and time again. Now that truly takes a “big set”.