Thoughts on the Syrian refugee crisis

I am wondering if Americans will ever try and live up to the principles they espouse? Right now there is a massive humanitarian crisis with Syrian refugees and we have people calling to stop refugees from coming to the US. When you look at the fact that only one refugee is thought to be part of the Paris attacks, most others French nationals (will we stop all French people from coming here also?), we see that the ratio of terrorist to refugee is minuscule and that we are really lacking any sort of courage that many like to brag about.

I am also wondering if we will ever take responsibility for the way the establishment uses our tax dollars?  Those very dollars were used to murder a million people in Iraq in the largest war crime of this new century. That war demolished the Iraqi infrastructure leading to all sorts of suffering which then led to radicalization that eventually resulted in the forming of ISIS and other radical groups. And folks this has not been the first time, it’s a repetitive cycle which includes the creation of Al Qaeda, the funding of the Taliban and on and on. Imperialism has it’s costs and is not an aim that a country that speaks of democracy, liberty and human rights should take part in.

I suggest we live up to those claims, protecting human rights and helping the suffering because folks, the reality is we rarely do. Those are fictions the establishment pumps in your head, but when you look at the reality, the history, as far as our establishment, it isn’t so.

Good things have been done by wonderful folks in our population and it will take that mind set for all of us to force the hand of the establishment and act accordingly. So instead of all this hate and fear, maybe we should try love, community and cooperation. It isn’t easy, and there is always a risk, but that risk is outweighed by the opportunity to save hoards of lives along with elevating the human species so we may one day attain a much higher standard of human life.

If we want to continue down the path of fear and hate, expect more of the same.