So You Want To Be President?

I figured I’d start off this new blog with one I wrote a few years back that I think still holds true.  It’s a tad visceral to boot!
I just finished watching a documentary on the Kennedy family. Historically we are constantly reminded of the greatness of JFK and clan, or his famous quote’s that supposedly represent what America stands for. Why don’t institutions bombard us with Kennedy quote’s like, “They can’t touch me now, and when I’m dead who cares?” The documentary went right from Joe Kennedy on up. Upon examination we see a family focused on attaining power by any means necessary. A family willing to cover up wrong doings to move up in status. A family basically like all other families looking to dominate politics or any establishments of power. They insert themselves into the corrupt machine and do what is expected no matter how immoral it may be.

What any logical person attains from this is that the true motives of the aforementioned have nearly zero to do with helping a population in need, but all to do with helping themselves. We as Americans have this strange fixation with “respecting” the Presidency. Respecting establishment leaders because of their position, not their actions. We forget politicians are just servants, no more, and should be there only to benefit us until their time served is up. If we look at it democratically they should do what we ask and then return to public life and “we” should get credit for what these policies generate, good or bad.

Instead of schools, media etc; raising up these corrupt fools I think we need an alternative history. One like Howard Zinns “A Peoples History of The United states.” A history that doesn’t set aside the people who truly fought for the good things this country has attained like human rights and our population getting a larger slice of the pie. People often look at moments in history such as the “New Deal” and hand credit to the establishment instead of activists who pushed for the New Deal and who are for the most part forgotten. In reality our establishment did everything it could to oppose such changes including using violence and murder. Why aren’t we speaking about that? Because the establishment doesn’t want you to realize if you get in the game you can change things. It doesn’t want you to have “real” heroes like Emma Goldman who looked out for the well being of the whole population. The establishment does however want to give you false heroes, heroes under the control of the elite who work in their favor.

So I would like to see the list of people with genuine intentions in all fields, those who when confronted with corruption said NO, I will not take part in these actions and who were of course promptly kicked to the curb. Those who then responded by becoming active and trying to make positive changes for everyone! These are the people I respect, people who are truly noble. Let’s please kill the ridiculous historically inaccurate idea that there are actually good presidents, it just isn’t so.

So you’re the President, well I say Big Fucking Deal!