Music in Decline, but isn’t everything? The elephant in the room…

This was a response I wrote on a thread about the decline of music. So many addressed things that were symptoms of what I believe is truly a much larger problem.

I think we often avoid the crux of the problem, the elephant in the room. This is because it’s what we’ve been indoctrinated into and we often don’t question it. This being the capitalist market system. Our jobs are the most important institution in our lives, ruling our lives because it is for our survival. Art has no real place in this market system unless it can adhere to the bottom line. Consulting and marketing which was privatized from the original Creel Commission, the propaganda division under Woodrow Wilson, rules our lives. Most of us go to jobs where we are basically slaves. It’s just an extension of feudalism trying to be passed off as liberty. It’s not.

The bottom line takes every product and limits everything to the lowest common denominator, therefore often taking everything out that is creative. So we settle for the status quo. Now as we go along generation after generation, those outside of the status quo are continually marginalized creating a new generation of folks who are even more indoctrinated into the status quo, that lowest common denominator. I expect nothing less, in fact this is in all facets of life and the continuing “third worldification”, growing disparity and poverty is exactly what I have expected for decades. These results to me are an obvious point.

Now people scramble to find new ways to survive or make music within the confines of the system. You will never get the greatest art out of that, never. In fact that includes all fields. Right now, if markets were not the determining factor in life and we opted for science and development over growth, we wouldn’t even recognize the world we now live in. We’d have free energy, free food, and everyone would have a high living standard. People in arts etc, would be doing amazing things. This system quells that, it doesn’t increase technology, it just gives you the illusion that it does while we waste countless hours of our lives staring at a tiny screen fiddling with a new practically useless app.

We need radical change, a new paradigm.


Trickle Down?

Someone just stated economics was trickle down, otherwise it’s not economics. Well my head almost exploded.

Here’s my response:
I’m flabbergasted at the lack of knowledge here. You really need to research. Economies are supposed to economize, meaning use resources wisely, being frugal. This is the exact opposite of capitalism which is an anti-economy. Capitalism is a particular form that has particular structures. It has division of owners over labor, meaning labor are subordinates, or what honestly means slaves, wage slaves. All the great thinkers of the enlightenment period, even the capitalist Adam Smith understood that, his words, capitalism would only be possible under perfect liberty. Well, that pretty much seals it’s doom as a sane system. Monopoly, massive wealth disparity are all the natural outcomes of capitalism, and yes, in a sense trickle down, meaning once these oligarchs acquire their massive wealth, a few crumbs trickle down to the population, only they don’t stop, they want the crumbs also.

Let me make an obvious point to try and break you of your indoctrination. King is to peasant what owner is to laborer. That’s oppression. But if we get smart and get on board with the anarchist horizontal run worker cooperative, where everyone in the business is an owner with an equal vote, we get a much more fair equitable system. We work our way out of the king and peasant type of relationship. It’s much more wise for a host of reasons. and that’s just one problem with the capitalist model.

The bottom line means you get the worst product for the worst service and the lowest wage to create it. That’s a race to the bottom. The illusion is you get the best product. That doesn’t even exist because technology surpassed capitalism in the 1930’s so the industrialist’s, instead of heading toward a new system, chose to create planned obsolescence so they could stay on top of the food chain and control the population. This is a sheer fact you need to educate yourself on to arrive at a well informed opinion. Or, I fear you really won’t understand the misery that’s coming economically for this country. I predicted this 20 years ago and here we are, with massive poverty in the US and a disparity between rich and poor equal to the great depression. How did I know? Because the sources I chose to listen to have been incredibly accurate and understand history and the structure. It is NORMAL for capitalism to pit economies against each other. Once I understood that the capitalists were infiltrating Mexico and then China, where they own over 50 percent of the businesses, I understood they would replace the American worker with those who they could abuse even worse abroad. This is exactly what’s happened. they are working to turn the country into the third world, then you’ll get your jobs back, low wage slave jobs, which in fact is already happening.

Foxconn has been brought to the US, one of the worlds worst human labor rights abusers, and are receiving more tax payer dollars per hired person than what they actually pay. You do understand what that means correct? They’ll actually earn a profit off hiring the people, lol, free labor basically, and the rest massive profits. The oligarchs have created the gig economy so young people have to work two or three part time jobs to survive, and that’s not even a living wage. These very same young folks have degrees that the economy cannot support, so they’ll be working these terrible jobs while being in massive debt for decades.

I feel a lot of people truly have no idea what is happening to us, but if you look at US intervention and forced control of markets in Central and South America, the pacific rim, Africa and the middle east, you’ll get a good idea. I suggest people become active in grass roots activism because it has been the only thing historically that helped the general population. Or hey, just go on living in a fairy tale world. Ignorance is not bliss.

Bridges Not Walls

New spoken word piece that I am going to base a new Nocheez Orchestra Record on:

Bridges Not Walls

We see you your wall, and raise a bridge
You see, we’re hoping you and your believers will fold the devilish hand you are holding

We are betting on decency, empathy, solidarity, cooperation and love

As you attempt to divide and conquer, pitting people against one another so they do not look to see who the engineers of their misery are, those who camouflage themselves in a cloud of confusion and build barricades that block paths to freedom

We, instead, will carry those with heavy burdens over the bridge to safety

You redistribute wealth, basically stealing what little is left of what the oppressed and starving have, all for yourself via all sorts of elaborate schemes, just to feed your glutinous appetite

We will sit down at the dinner table, and provide a warm meal.

You benefit from cronyism, nepotism, and even your sex and skin color. Revealed to you are the secret handshakes that allow entrance into clubs for the “supposed” elites, to raise yourself upon undeserved pedestals and undermine the hopes and dreams of the majority

We instead, will serve those beautiful minds that lead humanity toward progress and unification, to gain the understanding that we are all one.

Though we understand you are monster’s created by a harsh environment and indoctrinated into an inhumane system, we feel much disdain for your perverse behavior. We are no fan of the sociopath, and certainly would never defend the actions of one.

So we plead with you, fold your hand now, and take on the attributes of empathy and understanding. Show decency and join us all in making a better humanity.

But know this, if you continue building your walls, your blockades, all your impediments to freedom, we will have no choice but to intercede, and tear down those obstructions brick by brick.

3incarnation / Styrocultural Antidote (DVD)

3incarnation / Styrocultural Antidote (DVD)


  1. Introduction
  2. Face
  3. Face Lift
  4. SAy’s
  5. Commander N ‘Thief
  6. Bananas
  7. Schizo Goes The Weasel
  8. Via Where?
  9. From The Trough
  10. Stupid Like Cow
  11. Cowdy Doody
  12. What The?
  13. Fe Fi Fo What The Fum?
  14. Equinox at Chichen Izta
  15. A New Incentive
  16. 4 Below
  17. Oddly Enough

Available at:

The Shakespeare Lady / Styrocultural Antidote featuring Margaret Holloway (DVD)

The Shakespeare Lady / Styrocultural Antidote (Featuring Margaret Holloway)

Track List:

  1. The Shakespeare Lady
  2. The Shakespeare Lady (Band video version)
  3. Raw Footage #1
  4. Raw Footage #2

Available at:

Styrocultural Antidote Bootlegs…Styrocultural Antidote / Styrocultural Antidote (DVD)

Styrocultural Antidote Bootlegs…Styrocultural Antidote Volume One / Styrocultural Antidote (DVD)

Track List:

  1. Stupid Like Cow
  2. Cowdy Doody
  3. Sticky Buns
  4. Face Lift
  5. Find the One

Available at:

Everybody Wants Christmas / Ronnie Neuhauser Featuring Trisha Radil Lendroth (single download)

Ronnie Neuhauser (Featuring Trish Radil Lendroth)


Available at:

Life on Planet Earth / Fe Fi Fo (CD)

Life on Planet Earth / Fe Fi Fo

  1. La Trompeta (Blessing to the Four Directions)
  2. There is a Fire
  3. Life on Planet Earth
  4. Today
  5. Babel
  6. Pass Gently
  7. Foreshadow
  8. Beautiful People
  9. Gandhi
  10. Wash the Tears Away
  11. Plea
  12. Cry
  13. The Box
  14. Out of the Mouth of a Babe
  15. Daydream
  16. Decisions
  17. Be The One
  18. Prana (Breath)
  19. The Convocation

Available at:

Nocheez Orchestra is the Congregation Against Styrocultural Brain damage / Nocheez Orhcestra (CD and DVD)

Nocheez Orchestra is the Congregation Against Styrocultural Brain Damage LIVE! / Nocheez Orchestra (CD and DVD)


  1. Congregatopn
  2. Gangr’ear
  3. Burned By The Bush
  4. Observing Life Through Traffic
  5. Presidential Puppet Man
  6. Commander n’ Thief
  7. Bullshit’s What They’re Sellin’ You
  8. 200 Year Old Dead Guys

Available at:

Judgement Gun / Nocheez Orchestra Featuring Muscle Mouth (single download)

Nocheez Orchestra Featuring Muscle Mouth

JUDGEMENT GUN (MP3 Single Download)

Available at:

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